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We have purchased a year 2019 Pro license on March, when we installed the software under the download manager at Trimble it directed us to the Sketchup file manager where you can only download under our account.

Our subscription status is active and after we downloaded it download the Trial version first ( not sure why you need to fix this ). Now the trial version ended. Now we are locked out of our SketchUp account (because we cant even do anything), it tells us to purchase SketchUp Pro 2019 when we have already purchased it.

We have hit every dead end, and the website is horrible when it comes to getting straight answers. I’ve spent numerous hours trying to find and they all lead to no resolution.

I had asked to get my serial number sent to me as I had requested a serial number resubmit to my email. I have not received anything, why did they ever make it so hard to contact person to person support.

I am beyond frustrated, and capped out with processing this horrible experience that should not have happened in the first place.

Were did you bought it? How much did you pay?(the pricing indicates the right product)

Did you bought directly from SketchUp/Trimble, or from a partner or reseller?
(This will determine who must provide the support)
When you bought it, you probably did not assigned it to yourself or the one who is gonna use it.
(You keep talking about ‘we’. A SketchUp license is personal)

The assignment is through the AMP:

Check to see the right plan!


I had done it for the company, reason why I keep saying we.

It was the Pro Edition that is sold for 299 USD on the Sketchup subscription page.

Thank you for the resolution.

I do not get why they didn’t send anything like that explaining how to proceed with that. They also mention getting an email from Sketch-Up upon purchase which I had also never received. Really disappointed with this new system and its delivery.

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