Sketchup Navigation in Lumion solved

Hi !

I am an avid Sketchup user of long since version 5, and a recent Lumion user with our firm having recently purchased 3 commercial seats of Lumion version 7.3 last year.

I would really deeply appreciate if anyone could spare a moment to guide us a way we could program the mouse buttons for Orbit and Pan in Lumion, to simulate the way they work in Sketchup (MMB drag and Shift+MMB drag). It really is difficult for us off to mentally recondition to the Lumion way of navigation via the WASD keys while having worked with Sketchup way of navigating 3D space for last so many years.

We have gone crazy hunting a way to do this on the net, without success.

Many thanks in advance !! Look forward to your valuable revert !


The keyboard is much more efficient than using a mouse for navigation, I am not sure it lends itself well to navigating a walk through space.

Have you looked at using a space navigator or a 3rd party controller you can configure?

Putting the word Solved in your Title suggests we don’t need to look at your problem because you already solved it.

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