SketchUp Model Import into Layout Stroke Style

When an SU model is inserted into LO as vector (or hybrid), where lines meet the stroke style is rounded.

Can this stroke style be a sharp corner?

Of course I could explode the viewport and (tediously) convert all the stroke styles.

I don’t see any way to change this for the edges in a SketchUp viewport. The only option I could find is as you suggest exploding the viewport. Immediately after exploding, while all the edges are selected the corners can be squared up in just one click though.

This hasn’t ever been a thing I wanted or needed but I can see how it could be useful to have this sort of control for SketchUp edges in LO. Clearly exploding the viewport isn’t ideal. Especially if the model might need edits that would affect this view.

If the lines both use a solid stipple pattern, then we automatically round the joint. If the stipple pattern is anything else, we automatically use a flat miter joint.


How do you change that in the SketchUp style for normal edges?

Right now there is no option to set the join style for vector edges. The only solution is what has been already suggested; explode the vector render, then manually change the join style.


OK. Thanks.