SketchUp Make - Move one item without moving adjacent "guide" lines

Need to move an object (large circle in the screen shot), trouble is the lines I drew in to find the center of the area move along with the circle. There does not seem to be a grid available in Make. I tried reviewing the Getting Started tutorials but they only delete lines while I need them to stay there but “disconnected” from the objects that need moving.
By the way. Are there any Make tutorials?

In order for the circle to be moved without moving the lines, the lines need to not be attached to the circle. You could make a group of the circle or a group of the lines. The only want to prevent the geometry from being connected those is via grouping. This doesn’t require a grid or anything else.


There are all sorts of tutorials. Start here:

Another way that should work is to shift-click on the three lines, do a Cut, select the circle and move it, then do Edit/Paste in Place.

Thanks DaveR. I will explore this. I only wanted the grid or the lines so that I can locate the circle in the dead centre of the area. If I understand, I can place two centre lines, group them and then move the circle on top of the crossed lines. But I will look at the article first

colin, if I understand what you are saying, it wil delete the lines which I need to help me locate the circle in the dead centre.

The Paste in Place would put them back exactly where they were. Is that where you want them to be?

I found out one helpful item just be accident. The Tape Measure (maybe with the option key?) can lay a guideline. Just what I wanted. Now to learn how to create the shape I want with opposite curves and right angle ends. I need the lines there while I move the circle.

I think the question you are really asking is, How do I find the center?
Use the inference engine, by hovering over midpoints and edges it will tell you where the center is.

Hi Box,
That is exactly right. That is going to be useful going forward. I now have deleted the base shape because it was only to show me the size of the area I am working on. I have replaced that with guidelines via Tape Measure. I am having lots of fun figuring out how to create my concave/square shape that I want to repeat in a pattern. Learning to line up the edges and line tips so they “bond” together into one piece.

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