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I’m using SketchUp Make 2016 for my woodworking. I created a simple model with different parts and inserted some measurements and text using the text tool. I then decided to apply a different color to the different parts. When I did this the text and measurements changed to the color of the part. I wanted the text and measurements to remain black in color. I was able to changed the color of the text and measurements only by individually selecting each and changing the color.

  1. How should I applied the color to the part without applying the color to the text and measurements associated with that part?

  2. How do I change the color of ALL text and measurements? I had the text an measurements on a different layer and showed only that layer. I then selected all the items on that layer and changed the color. When I displayed the layer that contained the part the color of the part had also change. Why did the part also change color?


I don’t see you mention ‘groups’ anywhere, so I’m not sure how you’re using them,… but I think that’s the main part of the solution here.

Try Grouping all of the dimensions, annotations, and model geometry into their respective sub-groups… and if you do that you should be able to color all the objects in a group at one time, by simply painting that group with your material of choice. [* text is different (see below)]

Don’t rely on SketchUp’s Layers as a way of grouping/combining/or isolating your geometry together. It won’t provide that kind of protection to the elements in your model.

Layers do have an option where you can ‘color by layer’, and in doing that any objects you’ve placed on that layer will change to whatever the layers assigned color is… including dimension text, and any other material colors previously applied to your model. This is probably what going in your second question.

[*] To Color Dimension Text:

Use the ‘Model Info’ window >Dimensions >Font Color option if you need to reset your dimension color for some reason.

I’ll doubt you’ll need to do this, because I think the issue there was the ‘color by layer’ setting which I mentioned above. and that not going to stay once you turn it off. But just in case it’s something else—keep this in mind.

Thanks Jim,
Currently in the drawing I have two blocks and each is a group rather than a component. For the other parts (about 6) I will make them components thus making changes to one component will automatically change the like components.

I just grouped a few of the measurements, tried changing the color but it did not change. I guess I need the dummies instructions. :blush:

I have the dim and text for each of my two parts on seperate layers, e.g. part 1 is on one layer the dim and text for that part is on a seperate layer, the same for part 2. I now have five layers, layer 0 for the most part is NOT used, two layers for the parts and two layers for the dim and text. In the layers section of the Default Tray I was able to change the color but the dim and text color did not change. Again, instructions for dummies…

A part of my test I made the two text & dim layers different colors.

This is not a crisis for me but now it is really bothering me in that I think I should know how to do this.
What other info do you need from me?

You can change the color of the text if the dimensions are inside the group and you apply the color to the entire contents of the group instead of to just the faces. If you don’t want the text to change color, open the group for editing and apply the material to the faces inside.

As John wrote, don’t expect layers to provide separation to prevent changes to the dimensions and text.

If Dave’s post doesn’t help to clear things up then please post up your model, that would be best.

it’s hard to guess where things stand without seeing it first hand.

post withdrawn due to repetition.