SketchUp Make 2018 release date

Expecting the release of Make 2018 shortly. Can anyone confirm or deny? :slight_smile:

Nope! Those who know can’t and won’t say. The rest of us can only guess.

Fair enough, thanks.

The only thing to add on the basis of recent previous years’ releases is that it has commonly been released in November, but that’s not a guarantee.

It’s here!

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Actually not…
SketchUp 2018 is here, but Make hasn’t been updated, and it’s not going to be according to:

Why, desktop version (Make 2017) is better, not everytime I’m on the web, for example I work in coffee without Wi-Fi, this is bad decision. :frowning:

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desktop version (Make 2017) still available, don’t worry :wink:

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At some point the SketchUp 2017 Make executable images will no longer be sufficiently compatible with future operating system releases to operate in a usable manner. Hopefully Sketchup Make 2017 will work with newer O/S releases and patches for the next few years, but its lifetime as a static binary is limited.

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I have Google SketchUp 7 installed on my system (OK, it is Windows 7), and it works OK. Published 9 years ago. I also use other kinds of quite old software. Just installed back my old Acrobat Pro on my small laptop that was formatted and upgraded to Windows 10. Whatever people think about Windows, it has quite a good record of backward compatibility.

I think Trimble would make a good decision to keep Make 2016 available along with Make 2017. It is the last version where you can bypass OpenGL problems by turning Hardware Acceleration off.


Only one option: Keep using Make 2017 and not to switch to Web version. People like desktop software and as Pro is still there there is no reason why not keep offering it.

yep, Windows won’t be critical but macOS probably much earlier.

Twenty years and Lotus still runs fine.
Albeit, the product updates ceased long ago.

Lotus SmartSuite 97 - Win10Pro


Today I received an email newsletter containing, among other things, an announcement that SU2018 Pro is now available. It also said that for those who still want the free Make desktop program, SU-Make 2017 is available (no Make-2018), with a link to the download page.

I clicked the link and was taken to the download, which was started automatically. The installer file was placed in my Downloads folder. SU-Make 2016, which I downloaded in 2016, is also there, and my curiosity was piqued by the new file being smaller than the old one: 111MB vs. 121MB. Usually new versions are larger than old ones, so I checked the properties of both versions. See attached picture…

Why is the “newest” SU-Make2017 installer file actually the 32-bit version of SU-Make2016 installer file?

I ran the new install file to make sure, and the install wizard also says it is installing SU-Make2016(32-bit). (I aborted the installation.) The version which I had already downloaded when Make2016 was offered, is the 64-bit version.

What happened to the real SU-Make2017 installer file (which I hope is 64-bit)?


It isn’t. It appears that there was a bad link in the email announcement. The real version of SketchUp Make 2017 is available here:

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Many thanks!

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