SketchUp Make 2017 won't save

Downloaded the free version, agreed to the terms, says it looks like I’m offline (but computer says I’m connected to the internet), can’t access the license to verify my agreement to terms, but can get into a basic template, and can’t save a drawing. Always get a bug splat when trying to save. Does function otherwise, but what good is it when you can’t save your work?

Right-click the installer and choose “Run as administrator”.
You then may need to choose “Repair”.

The installer should be in your Downloads folder or wherever you saved it when you downloaded.

Found run as administrator. But no sign of the “repair” option? Also the program does auto save. I’ve got it set for 1 minute, although it saves to a different file each time; eg first to autosave-untitled, and then to autosave-autosave-untitled. When I exit, and save changes, it bugslaps me.

If an application is already installed, it’s installer will popup a
query box asking whether you wish to “Uninstall” or “Repair”.
(Ie, the “Repair” option is not on the right-click menu, …
it appears after you choose “Run as administrator”.)

That is crazy. Autosave causes more problems than it solves.
I have it completely disabled, and am in the habit of frequently saving manually.

Did an uninstall. Reinstalled it again. Found the “repair” option you told me about, and ran that. Still can’t save. I have agreed to the license terms, and it seems to me that not saving would be the consequence for not agreeing to those terms. Could there be something wrong with “my agreement”, or do I need to add a license?

Decided to give up on the 2017 version and downloaded the 30 day Sketchup Pro 2016. Dispite some negative dialog boxes during downloading, it does work, I can save, and at last I can draw. It’s a great feeling after days of frustration with 2017.
I’m hoping that in the next month Trimble will fix the bugs in 2017, and that I can switch to Sketchup Make 2017 then. I got my fingers crossed.