Sketchup Made my Computer Slow

I just installed 2017 Sketchup Pro and now my computer is running very slow. I uninstalled it and it still seems slow. Right before I installed it I opened Outlook to get the Serial Number. Literally seconds right after I installed it, I can’t even open Outlook. Even after the uninstall it wont open and freezes. I never experience freezes on my computer even no matter what I throw at it, but now everything feels sluggish.

I have plenty of space and keep my computer clean of unwanted programs. I ran ADWcleaner, Defender, CCleaner, to eliminate the very small probability that it was something else.

I’m running a 7700k, GTX 1070, SSD 500GB, 16GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro. I’m updated on all my drivers, Nvidia drivers up to date also.

What else should I do to remove any other hidden files that may be installed?

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