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I’m looking for a software or a book that contain detailed instructions for modeling an advanced project in sketchup. I’m working in the field of architecture. I have only found books and softwares that contain a large amount of exercises, mostly, for learning to operate the software from the beginning. I know there are some softwares teaches 3ds max through 1 project/exercise (that is the kind of software or book i’m looking for).


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The SketchUpdate Blog lists a number of titles…

SketchUp Sage Site > Educational Resources

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Thank you very much.

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Maybe you can mention some book from the list, that focuses on continous exercise.
For example, i learned autocad through this book. In each and every chapter you apply what you have learned on the plan of a cabin.

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Try to locate a copy of the latest edition of “The SketchUp Book” by Bonnie Roskes. This is one of the best (if not the absolute best) books dealing with SketchUp. I guarantee that you will quickly become an advanced user by studying the material and following the exercises offered in the book.

I am not sure if the book has been updated for SU 2015, but even if it has not been updated, I highly recommend it as an invaluable learning resource.

Conlact info for her SketchUp books:

Hello All and just to chime in I have her Beginner and Advanced Sketch Up PDF versions for Sketch Up 8. I do believe she has updated the books but for the most part there has only been like 5/6 tool additions between version 8 and 2015. The additional arch tools, rotated rectangle and un- or circumcised polygons. But as for the progression sequences and explanations of how the tools work. Then how to manipulate them. Plus in properly utilizing all the functions with straight forward explanations with the step/steps you need to follow to do it yourself. It is harder because you have to figure out why it wont work. It made me slow down and see how easy it was to do it wrong, not that the program was harder then I thought. Also most people dont want to read as the TIME it takes up. Compared to watching a video on You Tube. I am glad I invested in them as you buy them and they are watermarked copies. It is very concise information on every feature and application offered by the free or Pro versions. You will be happy with it…Peace…

SketchUp for dummies is a great book as well!

Thanks you all very much.