SketchUp is worth the time to learn

I used this as an example in another post. This is my first model using SketchUp8.
I did this in 2009, I’d tried to “learn” SU earlier (2006 maybe) and became extremely frustrated with it and quit, without spending enough time to get the basics down.
It was still frustrating/annoying, In 2009 as I was so different that Acad, but I gutted it out.
This model probably took me 200 hours to do, but it was worth it. I probably spent 5 hours of softening lines with the eraser tool.
While I’m no Box, DaveR or any of the other fantastic modelers here. I’m just a carpenter and use SketchUp like any other tool I have access to. I love SketchUp!

This is a WIP photo, somewhere I have a finished photo, but I can’t find it.