SketchUp is glitching

My SketchUp is not really working… I’ve tried to open the file in other versions of SketchUp, but it won’t work anywhere. (I have added links to other pictures, because I can only embed one.)
Here the previous version of the file:

I don’t think this is a feature

You probably download components from 3D Warehouse directly into the model you are working on.

You probably have stray geometry somewhere in outer space, possibly brought in from a model downloaded from the 3D Warehouse. Post the model file if you want someone here to try to diagnose the actual reason.


Here is the file:
Train Station.skp (2.9 MB)

Zoom Extents worked for me. Try this version.
Train Station.skp (2.9 MB)

There are a lot of reversed faces on your train that ought to be fixed.

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