SketchUp in 2019: where great ideas get to work

So glad we could help, and sorry for the wait!

Sorry, Steven, it was snowing and I got in the office late… otherwise, I would have posted that BEFORE you asked the question :wink:


When you are in the current period of your Maintenance & Support (within a year of your M&S purchase), you have access to any major or minor update to SketchUp Pro. So if you are current with M&S now, you should receive a license update for SU Pro 2019 in the next few days.

Subscriptions are similar, except that they also provide access to other products in the SketchUp platform and renew automatically.

You do not need an Authorisstion code for the next 30 days, so I don’t understand this ‘waiting for my code’
Use the trial period to see if it suits you.

Thanks for response. Just to be clear, that includes feature updates as well, correct? Not only security/bug fixes?

We have details in our Help Center article. We do have Maintenance Releases to fix issues through the year (ie. released 2018 M1 last fall for Mac Mojave compatibility) and hope that this new model will allow us to be more agile and include more releases between major versions.

I’m actually not in a hurry for it as I don’t have an immediate need for the new features I’ve seen, nor do any of the bug fixes apply to projects I have in progress, so I was (and still am) content to simply wait for my email.

The point of my first reply in this thread was that I WAS thinking of partially transitioning to the subscription model by keeping my Classic via annual maintenance and adding a SketchUp Shop subscription, and was about to calculate the long term costs of doing just that vs going complete subscription with Pro. The announcement (official or not) of a forthcoming loyalty program caused me to decide to wait for the announcement of the loyalty program before doing that particular bit of math.

Update: My email with 2019 license arrived about 10 hours after the original post. Looking forward to the weekend to install, activate, and play!

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One major version per year would already be great…

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I would disagree, so much smaller stuff gets pushed from the roadmap in this situation with everybody on each team rushing for the annual build deadlines. I know people have issues with Adobe but one of the great things is continuous updates over the year covering minor niggles to critical infrastructure.

I have high hopes that now more will get done now on a continuous cycle, especially my obscure non arch-viz feature requests :sweat_smile:


Hey Tyson,

Non-profits can still purchase SketchUp Pro classic licenses through Creation Engine, however for access to Sefaira (and our whole suite of tools) you will need to purchase a SketchUp Studio for Students subscription. The student subscription includes all of the tools available in the commercial Studio package, detailed here.

As you know there are some significant, intentional differences in how Rhino and Blender work, but I have to be honest that I’ve never tried those applications with a magic mouse. I’ll try that out and send you a message with my thoughts.

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Yeah, I just got the following email from Creation Engine

Will there ever be a SketchUp Studio non-profit discount for organizations and individuals that do community work?

So your biggest announcement for 2019 is… a way to pay more money. Nice. And for that price I’m still stuck with a glorified web app. And you guys are proud of this?


Question: My M&S liscence is due in Sept19. After, Will I be able to renew my M&S or I’ll have to switch to Subscription method?

And if the answer is “yes”, for how many years you guys plan to sustain this double liscencing method?

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Gee, I’m super bummed about this. I just purchased Pro after attending the conference in Palm Springs, it was a significant expense for me and I made the decision to do so strongly based on the fact that I would have cutting edge software for the foreseeable future. Now, it seems I’ll be left behind without the support I noticed SU had been providing the years past.

I agree with some other users about Adobe CC model, I simply don’t have the budget to pay monthly/annually given the frequency in which I use it. I could understand some of your power users/large companies being able to absorb the cost if it’s something they work in every day, but for us “little guys” it really puts this program out of reach and disappointed that future improvements will likely not be available to us. Anyone who plans to use SU for more than a year will likely give pause as to whether or not $299 for a year is all that attainable.

At the conference I definitely noticed some larger companies who rely heavily, daily on your program to do their job. But there are others of us who use it differently; I just hope we’re not forgotten. I won’t be subscribing to the annual plan, because I simply can’t afford to. Which is really disappointing for me…

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How does this work in terms of Parity between the two products?

And for lack of other words I’ll call…

  • SketchUp Classic: The Static Development Cycle

  • SketchUp Pro Subscription: The Dynamic Development Cycle

And assume that Right Now the two products are sitting at the Same Level on the Starting Line, at Parity.

As SketchUp Pro Subscription starts to benefit form the momentum of being on the Dynamic Development Cycle… at some point it will begin to outpace the static development path which SketchUp Classic is on.

At what point in the future do the products reach Parity Again?

  • Does it happen with the next major release cycle… When SketchUp Classic 2020 appears, and it basically inherits ALL of the years accumulated features of the SU Pro Subscription.

  • Or, Maybe the point of Parity is reached at an earlier date… on a biannual phase,… say 6 months from now?

  • Or does SketchUp Pro Subscription pull out ahead, by ‘x’ number of months, in which at some point SketchUp Classic starts tracking behind—keeping a permanent offset between the two products—as they move on into the future?

Some variation of the above must exist… and that’s going to end up being the improvements which the M&S fees go to support through out the year.

Just curious about which approach is going to be taken here.

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Hey Liam, if the subscription is any thing like Adobe (which I think it is) as soon as you stop paying it, you can no longer use it.

So I’m not sure where you are coming up with this “every three year” thing.

Please someone correct me if I’m mistaken.

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Is this some kind of joke? By the name must exist a “Team” that develops sketchup but by the way they were all on vacation for a whole year because to name a ridiculous implementation of dashed lines as a new version is a tremendous deregister with the thousands of users of this platform. I’m so ashamed for you “Sketchup Team” …


Judging by SketchUp’s YouTube channel, the SketchUp Blog, and the SketchUp Forums, the SketchUp Team hasn’t been on vacation all year. I’m sure a lot of work, behind the curtains, went into implementing SketchUp 2019’s useful new features. Implementing a long list of features every year would create a larger learning curve for users, but SketchUp’s “ease of use” is one of its best attractions. SketchUp is already such a refined program that it doesn’t need many new features.


I agree, they spent a year drawing a new input screen, making sneaky videos and plotting how to charge more for the same thing. Ahhh of course, I forgot the revolutionary dashed lines.