SketchUp in 2019: where great ideas get to work

I completely agree and would love to see Nathaniel’s work better supported. I also dont use it (and other extensions) for similar same reasons.
So you can have all the might of these amazing extensions but they dont get aopted. Its like having awesome fonts and never using them because compatibility means we always end up with the same 6 fonts for everything.

Issue 1) We cant collaborate with people who dont have that extension - model can break if they open it and save it.

Issue 2) No assurance that the extension will be maintained or features wont be dropped. Adopting somthing into a workflow is a huge investment.

Issue 3) Inability of Layout to document it (with schedules etc), transmit to other pros in IFC or DWG formats.

Issue 4) too much admin; Skalp, Vali architects, Profile Builder, Meedek Wall and Roof, etc etc - all licensed in differnet ways, updated at random (or never) and not compatibility tested with each other.

Since this BSA alliance , developers are hiring 3rd party sleuths to chasing down and sue users who install multiple copies or dont maintain accurate records of licenses (eg if i sign in on your pc and forget to sign out) and the amounts are $10ks per infringement. I cant go into details here but its a serious professional risk.

We are not hip young students working on macbooks at starbucks and an appetite for trial and error. We are in a corporate environment with professional standards and liabilities to adhere to. Our projects are worth many $millions and people rely on our outputs. Nathaniel is a bright and dedicated guy, but how would I know if his structural modelling is accurate or his model data is reliable?


Dear Trimble,

I am very disappointed with this release. I was thrilled at the idea of an actual update after so many years, but soon realized by reading the web page that the biggest new feature is another price increase in dashed line makeup. Oh, and of course introducing as usual a “2019” file format that makes older versions artificially obsolete.

I love SketchUp and have been using it for more than 10 years. But I see some serious management issues here. How can Trimble increase the price without following the competition? Are you trying to see how much money they can milk out of SketchUp users without investing in it? The new feature/“amount of coffee” ratio seems pretty terrible to me and this will not work much longer. In the Forum summary email I just recieved, 12 posts out of 16 were complaints about 2019, the new business model and even censorship. The anger is building up.

A great move would be to buy and implement extensions and hire their developers, there are true artists out there! :wink:


Nail on the head. A perfect summation of the major issues.


To some extents that applies to all software. If you want to all work on the same document and not have data losses from converting, you need the same tools.

That sounds like bad plugin design though. If you open a model and manually edit something that e.g. was drawn from parameters, the parameters wont be updated, but if you make changes to something else, that wasn’t related to the plugin, I don’t see how it could happen. Do you have an example of a plugin that specifically says the model shouldn’t be edited without it?

I agree though that extension management and licensing could b improved. An improved Extension Warehouse favoured by more plugin authors, with multi-seat licenses and an extension manager that remotely can handle a whole organization could be very useful.

I don’t think you need to worry about this. The SketchUp team is constantly improving the API, adding new functionality and fixing bugs. The SketchUp core is constantly improved, but often not with new fancy features that meet the end user’s eye, but with improvements for us developers. In the end it benefits everyone that it gets faster, easier and less frustrating to make extensions.


Good morning forum,

This was the second thing that REALY got to me ANGRY … “bug fixes”

During 2018 I believe SK updated once, (stand to be corrected), but dynamic components, (an integral and very important feature of SK), is still “buggy”, (and has been for some years). I reported this bug on the forum. Read the bug fixes for 2019 … did not see anything written about this.

But even if it has been fixed… why were these bug fixes not done for the 2018 version ?? That is the reason we paid for the years support & updates !!!

Again, not good enough in my opinion.

I have no problem paying … but I also want to feel like I am getting what I paid for … support, updates & issues to be fixed now, not in next years subscription !!!

For this reason alone … SK2019 should be released … for FREE to exisitng subsciptions!


p.s. my posts on the DC issue:

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I do not mind the subscription option when the updates are frequent and full of features and innovations, such as VRay for example (and this is hardcore coding there for many many applications, not dashed lines on a layer), which is extremely far from being the case for Sketchup and Layout.
There are no details of what is supposed to have been done “under the hood” improvements and bugs fix, I installed the demo version, and the same annoying old bugs are still there, still extremely bad at handling large model and geometry, frequent random crash, no background autosave, same crappy material editor on mac, no real hatch in Layout, etc, etc, etc…
It all has been told already in many places, but my frustration so that I felt the need to comment on that.
It is almost 2020 and Sketchup is still delivering the same version as 2012, there is much room for improvements, but the version we are still waiting for never comes.


Have you read the release notes?

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I agree with this statement as it relates to the SU core. I think the API is generally quite stable and for the most part has pretty much everything I need or want. Over the course of the last three years I’ve only had a few gripes, it really is a beautiful thing. If the API had been anything like AutoCad’s antiquated AutoLisp system I would never even have tried making the first extension.

However, I do think that the Layout side has a bit of a ways to go, both on overall performance/features and its API. I’m hopeful that some energy will be expended by Trimble in this regard, making it a more powerful piece of software and thereby take the entire SketchUp ecosystem to new territory never before imagined.


Thank you for that gkernan.

Mostly bug fixes. Features that impact workflow are minimum. Among the most touted: rounded rectangle and draw rect from center, both already available in plugins.

Most people understand bug fixes are not considered enhancements-- just correcting for expected results.


N1KO was simply asking - so I responded.

Bug fixes that impact work flow are extremely important.

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I understand SU provides you developers with the feature updates you want, and for that you are happy.

Perhaps you can consider the 98% of SU users who are not developers. Can you understand the lack of meaningful features could be a problem for us?


I would say bug fixes affect the workflow more than new features would!


Sure, but bug fixes are for fixing malfunctions of already existing features, that normally are considered to work without bugs… That’s normally what service releases/point releases are for. Or do you think it’s ok to sell buggy features and then cash again to get them fixed? It’s like buying a new car with numerous issues and then have to pay again for the fix of these problems…


Cars that have bugs are often recalled which costs us time and plays havoc with our personal workflow. No different with software bugs.

Unfortunately most software on the planet has bugs. Some bugs are only found out with specific use cases.

Personally - I am OK with SU2019 because it does reduce support calls and improves my workflow.

For many years I have been wanting to implement a “3D Constructablilty modeling” approach to my workflow and documentation of the residential structures I design. In other words, the idea of “model it all”…every stud, rafter, cabinet, sheet of plywood, roof shingle, bolt, etc. I like this idea because it allows for analyzing the building for completeness and cohesion virtually prior to building the physical structure. I also like the idea of spending the time to model everything and then simply extracting all of my plans from that model…specifically, building cross sections and assembly details. A bonus is accurate material take offs and schedules.
The Medeek tools are moving in this direction and would more quickly (and hopefully parametrically) allow me to create such models.
BUT, over the years, I keep hearing from people…“Modeling everything is a bad idea because SU won’t be able to handle the graphic weight of all those pieces” This is what I am worried about. SU not being able to keep up with more advanced modelling methods.
Also I am more worried about Layout’s ability to document these details and data with efficiency, accuracy, and speed. For example. the generate report / schedule tool in LO sucks. It doesn’t link the data in the SU model directly with the LO schedule without the CSV middle man. Like with other BIM software, it should have the ability to update in real time, just like a LO viewport does with the SU model. So, again LO is not keeping pace with advanced techniques of documentation and data extraction.


Perhaps you cannot consider another point of view? That of the user vs the developer (you).


Regardless, you are not asked to pay for the fixes.That was the point @numerobis was making.


I am a user. I’ve been since I was 14. This is getting ridiculous.


How so? You defend SU by saying developers get plenty of feature updates to the API. I am simply pointing out that you developers are only a tiny sliver of the user base, and that the feature updates are slim to none for the rest of us.

Seems like that makes sense.