FACEAREA formula


I know this topic has been addressed before, however, the actual way the formula may be used I don’t think has been considered in the way I indicate in the enclosed .skp

I Want to achieve:

Within the “nest” of a Dynamic Component I want to assign a material to a single face and then get the area of that face.

_facearea_function.skp (478.1 KB)

What I get is that if the formula FACEAREA has the actual material written into the formula then face area works.

If the formula references MATERIAL then the formula does not work.

What am I missing ?


if the material is painted on the surface not the group/component, then the reference to the material will return a value.

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Thank you for the response.
What a pity… that SK cannot query the variable “MATERIAL” within the FACEAREA formula… would be very handy.