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I’ll drift off topic with you for a minute…
I have the same issues with color drawings and the building departments. (I’ve whined about it at Nick in the past :)).
I found a plugin a few years ago that was my life saver. Follow the conversations in the links below. The last link has a download for the plug in from Jim.
I am going to have to test it on 2019 or bug Jim to update it if I’m going to switch over to SU2019.


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@mattd I’d like to hear how that works out in 2019.

You’re not alone on this one.

It’s semantics up to the point where it begins to reach an audience, then it starts to enter into the world of marketing, and eventually transitions over to the role of defining a product in the public space.

Keep a bad name around long enough and you could have a stigmatizing catch phrase you can’t get rid of. (not that we’re in danger of that here).

Classic means entirely different things when viewed from various age groups. For a tech company positioning its products as improved enhancements over old 2D traditions, it’s a fairly ironic use of the word.

Much better to talk about the product from a distance, as being an industry ‘classic’ which helped redefine this, that, or the other. This is an expression of reverence, admiration, respect for it’s acknowledge place in history…

By comparison It’s not such a good idea to use it as part of the actual product name were it attaches itself as a label, and begins to encapsulates and define what the product actually is,…speaking on behalf of the product.

There’s a reason why it feels wrong, on some internal level the word is dragging the product down a little bit—it’s sliding off of the pedestal it was sitting on, and going somewhere else, but not just anywhere, we know where the general direction is pointing to. It’s Pointing To The Past.

…maybe back to a time and a place where…Mark Twain once said:

"The difference between the right word, and the almost-right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning-bug.”

As far as ‘SketchUp’ itself goes, I’d say that’s not just the right word—it’s likely the Perfect Word—and as good a product name as I’ve ever heard. I don’t know who came up with it but I think they did a fantastic job. It would be really interesting to know what some of the other options might have been.


Hmm, I see the confusion. I have been sold and sent a license for SketchUp Pro 2019 from my reseller, but if you are to go to the SketchUp website Pro is “being presented” as subscription only, with Classic being described as the version I have but which is still clearly Pro?

My local reseller on the other hand, makes it much clearer…

Also, “Classic” does not appear on the main “Plans and Pricing” landing page at the SketchUp website as a “go to” option. There’s a tiny link down the bottom to the Classic page. It’s as if they don’t want to sell perpetual licenses anymore, at least to new customers, but make the subscription Pro a direct replacement for Pro as we know it.

Of course anyone new who goes to the SketchUp website will just think Pro is only subscription, without knowing about perpetual licenses in advance…The marketing is just confusing at least.

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Does the perpetual license from your reseller also come with the AR/VR Plugin?

No, perpetual only comes with as before, the basic desktop Pro features as standard maintenance and support. (SketchUp, Layout , Style builder). Granted, the subscription model comes with the bells and whistles.
Here’s a table of comparison

The names are a bit of a mess. Back in the ol’ days of Google the free version was officially just called SketchUp, and the commercial one SketchUp Pro. It was of course a quite bad idea to name one edition the same as the whole product family so people naturally referred to the free version as SketchUp free.

Then after Trimble acquired SketchUp (if I remember it correctly) it was renamed SketchUp Make, as if you can’t make things in Pro or something. Then a few years later the web based SketchUp Free came along, while people still used the term to refer to the free desktop version. Then came SketchUp Shop, that from the name sounds like a place you go to to get components, plugins or other assets, and that a bunch of people have said they can’t use in their shop because they don’t have a reliable internet connection out there.

Now that studio and classic are introduced, not as versions but as licenses, even I get a bit confused of what is what, especially as I associate the phrase studio with artists or tiny apartments, not large enterprises.

What if the perpetual license was just called perpetual? And Studio called Enterprise? Maybe it doesn’t sound as fancy but at least people could easily understand what it is and get on with what they try to achieve, without having to look things up or feel stupid. Isn’t that what SketchUp is about?


Make, was a good fit with the Maker Movement.

…and SU did a great job presenting itself ‘to’ and ‘within’ that community. It might have been that the Maker community adopted SketchUp ‘first’… But I remember seeing some NICE SketchUp Booths at those faire’s… (as photographs, I never went to one in person)… and I don’t know how much official Sponsorship SketchUp provided to those Faire’s.

My impression was that SketchUP treated the Maker community Very Well… and I hope that community gave back a little bit by buying some SketchUp Pro licenses.

I’m curious. When you click on your reseller’s “Buy SketchUp Pro Annual” are you then given a choice between the bundle with and without Safiara?

And where would the US equivalent of SketchUp Shop be found?

I can’t see Sefaira mentioned directly in the “Pro Annual” section at all. Unless it’s under the umbrella of one of the other services provided. They don’t advertise Shop, maybe they choose not to sell it.
Here’s a link, have a poke around if you like…

Did you mean the non-US version of Shop? Shop was, and still is, a subscription product. I’m not sure what countries it’s available in:

The iOS and Android environments and their devices are so dynamic that a crazy amount of Dev time will be absorbed just keeping things running.

Of all the 1000+ “Sketchup Wishlist” suggestions over the past couple of years, I don’t recall seeing topics along the lines of “I want to use Sketchup on an ipad” or an other ios/android/web browser.

I figure that there must be a big educational market for Sketchup that the global Pro users aren’t really aware of which is driving the roadmap.

The vocal Pro users posting in this thread are indeed just a tiny fraction of the global user base - but I suspect many of us tended to be the ones who broke ground and pushed boundaries with the early @Last versions, and have since been highly active in promoting it in our workplaces and industries.

Google put SketchUp in the hands of every 8 year old and turned it into a household name… but I think it’s fair to say we were expecting Trimble’s involvement would shift the balance back to the pro community. (At the very least I thought Trimble would make a working co-ordinate system a priority)!


@TheOnlyAaron The statement “Some members of the forum are forecasting things that don’t have any basis in reality” would amount to a denial. Yours merely states that the team has said no such thing. Likewise, moving Sketchup Pro to the cloud is very different from replacing it, so one does not preclude the other. The devil is in the details :slight_smile:

This the reason I generally steer clear of these sorts of conversations. If someone REALLY wants to twist words to mean something, there is nothing to stop them. All I was doing is repeating SU for web was intended to be an ADDITIONAL feature for users, and SkecthUp for desktop is and will continue to be our main product.


For how long? Thank you

Well, I guess you should take a deep look into Rhino if you think you can not produce construction drawings with it. Rhino is as capable as Autocad for producing those kind of drawings, I’ve been using it for years. I wish Layout was half as mature as Rhino for drafting.

I don’t know that I am the guy to ask that… as has been said many times, we realize that, as of now, to get the most out of a 3D drawing program, you really need educated CPU and video. That’s was how SketchUp was designed and that is how it works. I don’t know that we see a reason to put an end to it.

That fact is, we all love SketchUp and all that it can do. We do not have an interest in limiting our users. All of the changes the last few releases have been with the intention of offering more you our customers, not less.

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Well I didn’t say that now did I?

If it is as “good” as ACAD, no thanks!

And the FIRE continues to burn!!!

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