Sketchup gone subscription?

Just thinking aloud - it’s kind of confusing that VR viewer is not included in “Classic” package (especially for long-time users). Fully understand the desire to move people to subscription (shame that transition arrangements are not ready yet), but why differentiate on this? As otherwise “VR-Viewer” could have been quite an interesting and “flashy” extra feature of SU2019. (and possibly less people would complain about dashed lines and tape-measure tool) And at this moment it lost well deserved attention.

This is why one person in here called it a “spit in the face”. It smells corporate all over it. I can imagine the boardroom meeting, with the corporate shills sitting there discussing how to make a business model that is similar to the rest of the crooked part of the industry. Without adressing the community or developers. They will please the shareholders in the short run. They will advance their careers. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about you. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU.

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I have active maintenance and support, did the classic for a single user just up the number of activations from 2 to 3 computers? Is that what I am seeing?

How do you download SketchUp shop? I just got SketchUp Studio, but there doesn’t seem to be any clear way to access any of the features beyond using SketchUp Pro. I can’t figure out how to open Sefaira either

HI @tysongersh hopefully you received my response on the Sefaira forum. I’ll just place the link to getting started with the plugins for Sefaira here, in the event that others might be trying to get started with Sefaira as well. Hope this helps.

SketchUp Shop is a version of SketchUp that runs in your web browser. No need to download anything. You can access it bh pointing your web browser at

I noticed that what exactly is Sefaira?

Whoops that table image has a typo. I’ll pass it on to the web team. The machine activation limit is 2. That has been the limit for our classic licenses for many years. Note that this year we finally mentioned this limit in the SketchUp EULA (Section 2.3).

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Energy modeling software for buildings.

the ‘corrected’ version of this table should be made a sticky at the top of a new thread…

it would go a long way in quelling a lot of peoples confusion and anxieties…

I can’t even find amongst the marketing pages…

is it an prototype, internal document that never made the cut?



I’ve updated the graphic with the correct activation limits. Here’s the image posted again, mea culpa for the confusion.


If I install 2019 Pro [classic] will my 2018 Pro still be avialable in 1 months time or is there a sunset time limit on 2018?

installing the trial shouldn’t be a problem, they run alongside each other, ie. each new version installs anew and doesn’t influence any previous installation of an earlier major release version of SU

the problems creep in if you request a new licence (and activating it), then you current SU2018 install will continue to work fine for as long as it is installed, you won’t be able to do a fresh install (and activation) of SU2018 after 30 days though


Apparently Trimble is sending out emails announcing the subscription model with slightly different graphics than what you display. It is wise IMO that Trimble still offers a Classic option. Had I only read from the email sent to me however, that would not have been apparent.
I am not a fan of subscriptions. I don’t lease vehicles either. I guess that’s just me. Judging from all the negative blog comments It appears many others feel the same. Odd, I just received the email yesterday at 7 pm and the thread is already closed. I wonder why? I really like your Tutorials. Keep up the good work you do. This would probably be a good time for you to ask for a raise!:smiley:

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that was a typo…it is 2

As something of an edge case, we manage a number of SketchUp Pro licenses on a disconnected LAN. I know I don’t have market resonance, but I am honestly tired of the subscription model. It is not beneficial to enterprises. We would far prefer license servers, concurrent seats, and to manage our own IT.

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If you manage network licenses for SketchUp on a private LAN, then our new subscription licensing model isn’t likely to be a good choice. You’re better served, I would think, by our classic licensing model. But I would recommend giving your sales rep a call to discuss details.

Thanks @jbacus as long as Trimble is committed to supporting the classic licensing model that’s good for me.


Well, if you have a private server running on your LAN, you would have to buy a certain amount of seats.
This number will be fixed for that version for 1 or 2 years. You cannot upgrade or have maintenance releases etc. If your needs grow, you need to buy another license,actually throwing away the allready bought, if your needs shrink, you are stuck with it, too.

IT-departments should reconsider the ‘building walls’ policy. If the Trimble servers could be reached, you could have more flexibility in managing the numbers and now, access to different plans (Some Studio, some Shop and off course, Pro)

BTW. we see a lot of organisations that donot even have access to the internet, wich makes the use of basic functionality like ‘Generate report’ useless. (Not to mention Warehouse)

An enterprice would be better served with an Enterprice license:

Off Course, the number ‘200’ should be negotiable…

Thanks Matt, for putting things in perspective here and on your website !

Looks like SU have employed the person who developed Vista - so many options, wow, roll out the Spinning Wheel … yippeeee … anything to confuse the long suffering SU Pro user and obfuscate the real issue. SU could have really made it simple : SU Pro as before with the usual yearly updates OR the NEW offerings called SU ANNUAL and SU Studio. Simple!