Sketchup Importer DLL for Norwegian, Swedish and Swiss LIDAR height-data raster cloud maps

This is an updated version of the Windows importer dll I wrote for Sketchup in order to effectively vizualize available LIDAR height data raster cloud maps in Sketchup.
The updated version is and supports Norwegian, Swedish and Swiss formats.
It is called geomapimporter.

The following items are included:

A Windows Sketchup importer dll file for import of downloadable LIDAR height data rasters in Norway/Sweden/Switzerland.

A chm file contains the documentation for the importer.

The accompanying Ruby plugin for map cleanup (could not be done in the dll) uploaded earlier has not been changed.

Please see the chm documentation file for more details. (184.8 KB) (1.1 MB)

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This is an updated version also handling Finnish elevation maps correctly.
The updated version now supports Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Swiss formats. Please see the included documentation file. (185.5 KB) (1.1 MB)

This is an updated version of the Cleanup tool for the geomapimporter.dll.
It was updated according to @thomthom’s recommendation to bring the progressbar stuff into the extension namespace.
JoNoS_GeoMapImporterClean.rbz (6.7 KB)

Just had a look at the help file, but this seems to be completly empty?!

What do you mean… empty as in 0 bytes long?
Unzip the file, then… attempt to copy the unzipped file internally (from one place to another on your hard disk). Then open it (i.e. double-click).
(I guess you are dealing with a protection-issue on your PC.)
Hope this helps.

No, File size is about 1.5 MB. It just looks like this:

Please unblock the chm file.

That worked, thanks!

Might be best to update the original post with the latest files. We went through this in SketchUcation years ago, updates burried deep in a forum thread is very difficult to locate and often users would pick an older version.

Ok, I see.
Is there any way to merge these two treads??

This is an updated version of the Sketchup elevation raster map importer dll (
It adds support for UK OpenData elevation files from OS Data Hub.
It also fixes the geo-location inaccuricy problem with Swiss CH1093+ coordinates.
However, more support adds more details related to usage, so I had to invent a new keyword to the configuration file. Please see the documentation file for details. (380.1 KB) (1.2 MB)

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