Sketchup Importer DLL for Norwegian and Swedish LIDAR height-data raster cloud maps

This is a Windows importer dll I wrote for Sketchup in order to vizualize available
Norwegian and Swedish LIDAR height data raster cloud maps in Sketchup.
I called it geomapimporter.

The following items are included:

  • A Windows Sketchup importer dll file for import of downloadable LIDAR height data rasters in Norway/Sweden.

  • A chm file contains the documentation for the importer.

  • An accompanying Ruby plugin for map cleanup (could not be done in the dll).

Please see the chm documentation file for more details.

Some publicly available data height-data raster files for testing can be found here:

My first attempt at such import were done in pure Ruby. It did work, but was abandoned
due to poor performance. The C-API dll implementation works extremely much faster.

JoNoS_GeoMapImporterClean.rbz (6.5 KB) (180.2 KB) (848.3 KB)


This is great. Have you thought of uploading it to Extension Warehouse? (The Ruby part of it) It’d be a lot easier to discover and install if it was hosted there?

Note that it would need some adjustments to move Progressbar into the extension namespace.

Any chance of seeing this as an open source project? On GitHub perhaps? Then I could offer my help to make it Extension Warehouse ready.

On purpose, I did not move Progressbar into the extension namespace because it it not really my creation, it was done by another person in 2005 - and I “borrowed” it. I assumed (rightly or wrongly) it could be used by a lot of different extensions around…
In hindsight, I guess the right thing would be to anyway enclose it (this particular version) within my extension namespace, not risking another person updating “progressbar” in an incompatible way.
Thanks for telling me.

The header of the file include a comment that it’s ok it use and modify it. Way back the community hadn’t established the best practices normally followed now. There was a number of extension incompatibility issues due to shared files like this as multiple versions floated about. For instance, there is an older versions of progressbar.rb which when installed would break this extension.

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