glTF Import Plugin (Native 64-bit Windows DLL)

As my Ruby glTF importer was very slow when dealing with massive amounts of geometry, I present a new importer which is written in C (and some C++), and is very fast. It is still in Beta - so please provide feedback!

I can’t upload it to the extension warehouse because it is a compiled DLL and not ruby code.


Disable the existing glTF import via the extension manager if you installed it from the extension warehouse.

Download from here and unzip. (36.1 KB)

Copy glTFImporter.dll into C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\Importers

And that’s it, restart sketchup and under Imports you will find the option for “Khronos glTF Files (*.gltf, *.glb)”

Browse for models you may want to download.
(Select ‘Filters’ and select ‘Downloadable’)

Limitations: Triangle strips and Triangle fans are not supported, neither are lines, but to date, although they are mentioned in the glTF specification, I haven’t encountered them.

Update: Fixed an issue causing bugsplats, it is now much more robust.
Update: Changed resource texts, e.g. XmlImporter to glTFImporter.


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