glTF Import Plugin (Native 64-bit Windows DLL) update (36.1 KB)

This is an update to my glTF (.gltf,.glb) importer which now allows non-indexed meshes to be imported - in particular models exported from THREE.js

As it is a native Windows DLL, it cannot be uploaded to the Sketchup Extension Warehouse, but it is about 100 times faster than my ruby script version depending on the model.

Download, unzip, and copy KhronosGltf.dll into C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\Importers

Note: Path may vary, but this is a 64-bit DLL so it is not going to work with a 32-bit edition of Sketchup.

After placing the DLL in the correct directory, simply start Sketchup.

From File -> Import you will now have an option called 'Khronos glTF (*.gltf, *.glb) is a great source of glTF models.

It does not attempt to modify imported images so if the diffuse image contains transparency which is not required, you will need to modify the image in your favorite image editor and remove the transparency before importing.

There is an issue with scaling, usually resulting in a model which is far too large - there is internal up-scaling occuring to avoid the issue with Sketchup where small faces cannot be created. Until I can fix the issue (I’ve tried, but I’m not good at Maths), it is best to rescale then explode the model to avoid issues with clipping.

To export your model to glTF for display in facebook or whatever, you can download my glTF exporter from the extension warehouse, which thanks to facebook has been very popular recently.

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