Sketchup highlight tool disappears when i select pull up tool

Just new to this software ( Sketch-up Make) and I’m trying to make the house from the step 1 video

So I’m getting stuck at trying to raise the roof because when I highlight the center and go across to the drag tool my line across the roof that was highlighted has now gone back to a line that is not highlighted. WTF can somebody help please?

The drag tool is called the MoveTool. The highlight tool is called the SelectionTool.

You do not need to first select the roof ridge line with the SelectionTool, just activate the MoveTool, and it will highlight the ridge line when you hover over it. Then click on it when it highlights, and pull it up, but let the inference engine give you a blue (Z axis) inference before you let the mouse button up.

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For starters, we need to clarify your wording somewhat. You write “go across to the drag tool”. What do you mean by “go across”? And by “drag tool” I assume you mean the Move tool? You can select the move tool in various ways, ranging from the SketchUp menus to toolbars to the standard shortcut “m”. The cursor should change to four little arrows pointing out from center. Put this cursor over the edge and hover there until you see the “on edge” tooltip. Now click and then move the cursor to move the edge. Click again when you get it to the required place.

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I’d guess you are trying to move an edge with the PushPull tool, that only works on faces, and only flat faces. As the boys mentioned above, use the Move tool.

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thank you I see where I went wrong