Sketchup has encountered an error and needs to close

I was working on sketchup and suddenly it shut down and won’t open anymore, It shows me a tab that sketchup has encountered an error and needs to close
What should I do now please help meSketchUp Error Report 26_03_43 12_14_06 م

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I suggest that you fill out the large text field with a description of what you were doing in SketchUp just prior to the crash. If you want SketchUp team members to be able to contact you (I don’t know if they ever do) and/or to at least correlate this forum post with your reported bug splat, then enter your email address (the same one used with Trimble/SketchUp). Then click the Send Error Report button.

None of the above will help recover whatever you were doing at the time of the crash or solve the problem directly, but it may help the SketchUp team to identify and fix a SketchUp problem (if the crash was actually caused by SketchUp, rather than by an extension).