SketchUp Go - New computer lags at around 400 basic components

Hi there,

I’m using SketchUp Go which i believe is the paid version of SketchUp for Web. I bought a new laptop with the specs below. In my file i have 65 component cuboids (3D rectangles) drawn and about 300 screws. The screws are also cuboids but simplified down to two cuboids with one of the cuboids containing a taper. All my materials are basic solid colors without texture. I dont plan on adding textures or rendering photorealistic images.

I am not sure how large my model is going to get but it is going to get larger and i am already experiencing lag with orbiting and panning. I am using tags to control visibility which speeds up performance but sometimes i need to see all my screws and this is when my system lags. So im wondering if this is expected and what can be done about it if i want to stick with SketchUp Go? For the record to my understanding more cores dont do nothing in sketchup because its not a multi core application; graphics cards don’t do much if im not planning on doing photo rendering; and my RAM is only at 75% usage.

My System:
Dell Inspiron Laptop 2022
Intel 12th Gen Core i-5 1235U processor up to 4.4GHz
Intel Iris XE Graphics
16GB Ram
FHD display resolution

Can you share the .skp file so we canlook and compare performance on other devices?

Sorry i cant share it. Its part of a private project.

I also forgot to mention that my bandwidth is 100 megabits per second download and 30 megabits per second upload.

One of the more demanding things in SketchUp is Profiles. Here is a screen recording where I have 100 copies of a set of screws, and I initially try to orbit those. After a couple of jerky frames, SketchUp drops the detail on the objects to mostly show bounding boxes. That helps to keep the frame rate up, but does mean you don’t see all of the details as you orbit.

Then I turned off Profiles, and orbiting was at a better frame rate, and didn’t need to drop the details. See if turning off Profiles is enough to make your model perform better.

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Yeah Profiles really speed things up. Thanks’ for the tip.

Is there any other setting besides edges that will have such a dramatic impact on performance?

Shadows can, and other edge ornaments. You could use Scenes as a way to set up views with all of the nice things showing, for presentation purposes, then have a different scene where those things are turned off so you can model faster.

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