Sketchup Go doesn't allow .OBJ export?


I’ve upgraded to Sketchup Go in order to be able to export to .OBJ, as per the information on File import and export capabilities | SketchUp

After having upgraded, the export to .OBJ is still blocked, and a further upgrade is required.

Which export capabilities Sketchup Go actually provides?


OBJ export is available in SketchUp Go.

If it’s not available for you, you probably need to sign out of SketchUp, clear your browser caches, and sign back in.

SketchUp Go is the name of the Subscription - which includes Sketchup for Web - this can export .OBJ

I don’t think SketchUp for i.Pad itself can’t export any other 3D formats beyond Pixar’s USDZ - a favourite of IOS.
Working with SketchUp Files | SketchUp Help

You can open your files created in SketchUp for i.Pad in SketchUp for web and export from there - even on an i.Pad

You are lucky. It seems that they have changed their mind and now block paying Go users from exporting other than PNG files. Pretty unkind and unprofessional! But they got their money from me under false advertising! What can I say. They answer to my emails only in obscurity, even after I showed them my receipt of payment of $119 per year. I feel abused. But they can do what they like I guess. So Sketchup Go is totally useless to me now. And $119 taken for nothing!

Where do you go to complain when Sketchup has taken my money but does not deliver?

Nonsense, it is pretty clear you are doing something wrong.
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Like I haven’t been doing 3D for 25 years. I clearly did nothing wrong except they are trying to cheat.


But there was no trial version to actually find out of the export function worked. They obviously either took it off to get you pay for a higher version, or let some have it and some not. I have worked with many other programs on my Mac.


It works fine for the rest of us, so instead of ranting about it why not try to figure out what the problem is? When you go to export under the upper left three lines menu what options do you see? Can you post a screen shot like this one below showing what your menu looks like? Hopefully your 25 years of 3D experience will help you do that.

If everyone can do it except for you it means that something must be wrong with your machine, web browser or anything, not the software and developers.

Apparently not everyone.


That’s why I wrote except for you.

Screenshot image0.png



You’re on ipad you muppet :slight_smile: .

You’re in the Sketchup for computer section, answering a question about sketchup in browser, not ipad.

And now you’re super angry and ranting about EVERYTHING while you’re asking the wrong questions about the wrong product.

geez. 25years user of 3d software would see the difference between a browser and an ipad amaright ?


ipad can export obj since last year.

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you see that ? it’s a rolling menu. you see how under the “Image (.png)” there is a faint line reading “Animation (.mp4)” ?

put your finger on this. and roll up. you’ll see all the other files that you can export.

it’s a standard ipad rolling menu.


so hostile you’re actually posting in the forum.

Please do not feel the need to answer every message by mail one by one. they all appear after each other in the forum thread you created. it’s standard forum procedure.

by clicking on this link you will find the whole thread and discussion happening.

and you’ll be able to make general messages, not individual ones (because if you didn’t know, you’re not sending private messages to people right now.)

Also, looking at the global thread, you would know I posted the answer to your question 25 min ago, and that you should post something like

“yeah, sorry I ranted, sorry I called these guys thieves and liars, turns out I didn’t see the option in the export menu, my bad, I’m sorry for my temper guys, have a nice saturday”


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Maybe 25 years of experience can’t help you to notice the difference between an iPad app and a web browser.

That iPad interface for choosing the export option is not the most obvious way to do it. Touch where it says Image (png), and scroll the list. There are eight formats you can export, one of which is Object File (.obj).

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