Sketchup Go 2024

Excited to see ambient occlusion added in 2024 desktop release. Will this be made available in Sketchup Go version? Is Go version getting any other improvements?

Which product in SketchUp Go?
Web or IPad?

Go is the name of the subscription tier :slight_smile:

I’m using the paid web version, haven’t tried ipad version yet.

I should add that I downgraded from the desktop version. Too expensive relative to usage and never really used Layout. After experimenting with the free desktop version I upgraded to Sketchup Go (formerly Sketchup Shop) for the commercial ability. If folks reading this are on the fence, I think it’s worth it for the extra capabilities provided you have a fast internet connection. Hope to see them add more value with release of 2024 desktop version and still WISH, HOPE and PRAY they would come out with a desktop version for Sketchup Go.

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This is going out with the iPad 6.5 release 0 iPad is a GO entitlement. Release should be out later this week.

Not using ipad version, what about the Sketchup Go paid web version?