Sketchup generall flaws that need to be tackled with

well, the current state of sketchup forces me to air out my thoughts … i cant hold them in any longer :slight_smile:

dont get me wrong, i love sketchup… but there are some things that really need to be taken care of.

  1. startup performance… i dont know how, and i dont care, but the startup process should be like click… wait maximum 5 sec on a moderate pc and whoop its there with all plugins loaded etc…
    this works for harder more complex apps like c4d or blender, so why not with sketchup … its a pain in the a** for reall to wait a minute or two for an app like sketchup to be open and ready for input… especially for powerusers that work with several open instances at once…

  2. performance with large files… give us a solution to have large amounts of polys in there… i have made my point on what could possible be done to achieve this in a seperate thread but this is too, imperative… even normal bim models quickly have 20+ mb and if you put in some entourage then boom 100mb are there in no time… and then suddenly sketchup sucks … addition: moving and especially copying of large components… its a pain… :slight_smile: an improvement to the copy paste speed of large comps/groups alone would be immense plus

  3. problems with very small very large geometry… we all know the workarounds for too small and too big of gemetry where we scale up and down to make stuff work again… that is not good…

  4. large scenes … performance of outliner and material browser… the outliner makes itself useless with large scenes… we all know that… same as for the material browser… when there are lots of materials with textures its very slow… maybe an option to show only stuff of the active context would help!

thats it … i could not ask for more at that point or any other point in the future because sketchup is supercool :slight_smile: and the devs of the main app and the devs of the free and paid plugins are supercool too everything is shiny and nice but for real guys, even if it does mean to rewrite the whole application :slight_smile: it should be done to fix the above problems and bring us a sketchup that is worth the while for next decade!

best, franz

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