Handling of very large scenes

hi there together…

first off, im not a technician nor a coder, nor do i understand how the internals of sketchup work.
but what i am, is a very solid frequent semi-power-user of sketchup!

and for that matter, i know about the needs and flaws… so i found that files of a certian complexity really making things go awefully slow, in generall in the viewport, in the outliner and in generall…

get me right, but i have the feeling that this is for the same reasons as in any other cad / 3d packageand that would be to many “active” objects requestening “draw” calls etc. i know from cinema4d that it hates too many objects in the structure manager… if you have 5million polys in 100k objects its a problem… having 5 million polys in one object is no problem at all

i have requested in another thread that it should be possible to mark groups/components to be ignored for the inference system… i can imagine that this would really also help alot for the performance…

while maybe not fully removing the objects from the inference system but some kind of ghosting for the inference system to a bounding box or work with somekind of “guide points” inside the groups/components to guide where a model should be snappable would be improvement enough…

this would reduce the amount of “calls” from the inference system alot, at least thats what i can imagine and therefore maybe be an option to improve speed in su for large scenes again…

another improvement would be to stop edges from rendering on a group/component basis…

hiding here is not a good option, nor is putting them on a seperate layer… we all know why

next stop - the outliner - its kind of useless with large files… when jumping in and out of deep nested components we all know whats happening :slight_smile:

but again, thanks the developers, the team and all contributors in the universe of su!

im happy to hear what the insiders say or what the overall feeling is about improving the performance with large files …

best, franz

Haven’t started incorporating large files, surely will do in the near future
Marking this source to get psp roms thread so that I can come back if I have queries.

Thanks you for the thread

… no one, really?

then i must be the only one working with sketchup files of 250mb+

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I think most people try to avoid really large files for exactly the reasons you have listed above.

If my architectural model is much over 50Mb then for me it is too heavy. I prefer breaking my model into smaller models to avoid the penalties associated with extremely large poly models.

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I wish it was smoother too. I try to maintain my files under 200 mb (or so) for that matter, otherwise it becomes too slow to work properly.

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i was thinking that i was not the only one with that issue :)… anyway, what do you think of my suggestions, or does anyone else have an idea how this matter could be dealt with the “structure” of sketchup in mind?

im aware of some plugins that do “ghost” or “boxify” complex components, but i would much more like the possibility to just remove certain components from some computational intense parts like the inference system or line rendering…

i just hope for some magic that makes all programs multithreaded … or for some 50 ghz main cpu hehe … the one or the other will come i hope…

I think you’ve hit on some good ideas, many have been wishlist items before. SketchUp is terrible in regard to bogging down with the simplest projects. Keep wishing. Hope is good. Faith is another matter.

My work arounds are layers to hide parts I am not working on and to “save as” components of major parts of a model (such as a specific building) to model in another file. I don’t have a problem with the inferences, but I am not working on intense things like “Orgelf” either.

I never learned to effectively use the Outliner, so it doesn’t bother me. I try to avoid nesting too much, but for component use, it’s sometimes hard not to.