Sketchup needs to get faster.....?

Dear All,

Whilst I think sketchup is an incredibly easy to use and phenomenally impressive 3D tool for client presentations, it just can’t deal with extremely large files. I appreciate now what many of you are thinking…purge, profiles off, textures, component imports…etc etc…which of course greatly improves work flow. And Layout whilst a fantastic utility, is painfully slow as are exporting large files.

My argument is when we have paid X amount for the pro version(I missed a deadline to upgrade…incidentally what’s that about?)and the software has been around for some time now, why it’s programmers and architects can’t find away for it to better perform with super fast CPUs with multiple/several threads.

I totally understand the argument of modelling the right way and I am weary of the best way to efficiently model. However, when we are constantly under pressure to produce more for less, we just don’t have the time to look for a component on the library with a certain amount of polygons or look for textures or even change them…and working at speed under these client pressured circumstances only naturally means doing what you need to do to maximum effect to get things done in the least amount of time. Sketchup needs to help us more with getting things done to hit a deadline, for a demanding client who wants to see every detail.

If we paid top dollar for a super fast pc or Mac the paid software needs to be designed to operate as efficiently as possible to get the most out of the specs purchased. I can render a detailed 3D view with external render softwares faster than sketchup can export a large file to autocad. I have heard it’s something to do with how the software is designed that allows it to make the most of a CPUs with multiple threads…!

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to be the most expert of users or wish to degrade an incredible piece of accurate easy to use 3D software that has revolutionised the way designers can present their ideas. All one asks is that it performs in line and takes advantage of the benefits of a high spec computer! And if I can’t upgrade as a sketchup pro user because I’ve missed a date, then convince me to buy an upgrade that significantly enhances speed and performance…surely the most important of issues. As oppose to changing logos, allowing a component to be edited before importing and changing insignificant other commands menus that really don’t offer much value.

Come on Sketchup, help us get the most out of you in the fastest time possible! We shouldn’t have to worry about how we model under extreme pressures, we would rather love to marvel at your continued developments in helping us to model and extract information quicker.

I’d be very interested in hearing constructive thoughts from others.

you’re a bit late to the party…

If you are still working with SketchUp 2018 as your profile states, I’m afraid you are going to be dissapointed.
Only the last version gets updates…

Nothing, especially 3D modelling applications, can deal with extremely large files. Every application has a limit. In 3D modelling applications it is lower because by nature they are limited to single processor threads, a limitation that hasn’t been overcome in the 30 years that multiprocessor systems have been available for personal computing. A multiprocessor version of 3D Studio Max was announced in, if I remember right, 1993 and is yet to appear. Multithreaded non-realtime rendering has been available, I think, from the early 1970s starting from mainframe computers.

SketchUp has, in fact, become steadily faster with new releases. Just try opening a model that works fast today in, say, version 3 that I started with.

Thank you Anssi for your informed and constructive response.

I agtee there’s not much that can be done to “speed up” sketchup

But I do think there’s some things that SketchUp could improve upon in order that larger models be easier to manage.
X-ref Managers/Multi-model projects, etc, need a bit more attention from the development team, imo.

Level of Detail managment for Components would be excellent , too , given the popularity of SketchUp for 3d rendering. If I could have a Low Poly version and a High Poly version somehow linked within the same model, then that could solve a Lot of problems.

Maybe you need to spend $$$$ on high powered software. In the world I am in “You get what you pay for”.

soooo… Blender?

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Even if it did get faster, you won’t save time…
Blinn 's Law and paradox: