Sketchup Fundamentals

As I move through the Sketchup fundamentals tutorial, if I answer a question incorrectly, it indicates I have missed something in the training. Could there be a button that takes me back to that section where the feature I have not understood is explained? Thanks D

I will tag Tyson and Eric, so they know about your suggestion.

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Thx Colin - I took a live 2 day seminar in Sketchup last year and missed a lot of the fundamentals your tuturial makes clearer. good job!


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Thanks for the suggestion David, I totally agree some way to provide better feedback (including linking back to the tutorial or other resource) would be a great improvement. Not promising we’ll be able to do this soon, but improving our quizzes is definitely on the radar scope.


If you post the question that you missed, we’ll do our best to provide the correct answer or point you in the direction to find it in the lesson. Glad you’re enjoying the lessons!

BTW Tyson - I am viewing the tutorial on Safari, and the replay button on the review videos does not replay—usually the video plays at such a pace that I dont get it on the first view.

Sketchup tutorial replay button Screen Grab.pdf (137 KB)

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Thanks David, I just tested it and I’m seeing the same thing as well, including some other glitches with the videos on the quizzes, so thanks for bringing that up.