SketchUp Free (web) keeps crashing when I use the move and copy function

For several days now, SketchUp Free (web) keeps crashing when I try to move an element in copy mode. It crashes after I enter the distance which I want to move the copy or when I enter the number of copies I would like to have. Every time I get the error message (attached) and after that the model becomes unusable (non-responsive) and basic functions are not working. Basically it is stuck, so I have to restart. When I start a new model from scratch, the same thing happens. Tried with a different browser but it didn’t help either. I reported the issue a couple of times, using the form that pops up, but there has been no response or effect so far - it keeps crashing. Have you experienced anything similar? Could anyone suggest a solution or a workaround?

Hi, Could you please give me some more steps to reproduce? And could you upload a model that is crashing?

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