SketchUp Free - some students can't name model on their Chromebooks

If anyone has experience using SketchUp Free on Google Chromebooks, I’m needing some help. Some students have not been able to name their model, nor save their work and are getting frustrated - any suggestions? We’ve had issues with pop-up blockers - some students could change their pop-blocker settings and can save their work; however, some students tried to do the same thing and it didn’t work. The model name in the upper left corner is light and can’t be clicked on. Hence they can’t save their work.

Hi there,

Are your students using SketchUp Free or are they using SketchUp for Schools? The primary difference between these two versions of SketchUp that run in your browser is in how/where they save models.

If your school uses Google’s GSuite for Edu with their Chromebooks, then SketchUp for Schools will allow your students to authenticate with their GoogleID and save their models in Google Drive.


I’ve had issues getting SketchUp for Schools on our Chromebooks - had our
IT dept. try everything we can think of. So we are using the Free version.

I’m, not an expert on the web based version but if they neither can name or save the model it sounds like they aren’t signed in.

If you post in the SketchUp for Schools forum, there are folks who can help get you up and running. Ultimately, that will be a better solution for your students.

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