Sketchup free export as obj

Sketchup web(free) needs to at least be able to export in the obj or an XML file format so that users can render said file in kerkythea or another render engine of their choice.

Options for the free version to render are almost non existent, I have been able to import into blender, re-export as another format, but that requires 3 pieces of software to do so. Blender can sometimes handle stl files to render but not all the time, so being able to export as obj for blender, KT, lumion, etc, would be great.

Downloading SU make 2017, then use twilight is a workaround as well, but not the best.


SimLab Composer free can open SU files directly. Also free to use anyway you want.

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Now how come when i google searched this or asked i the forums, this didnt come up hahaha

Ok, i take back my feature request haha.

Thanks for telling me this

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