Can you help me exporting to OBJ

Hy, I am making a study of shadows on my house and I would like to export it to use on the site bellow. I can’t make SU work with shadows. and I think the site bellow is more complete.

Can you help me with that? Export to OBJ

If you want someone to export your SketchUp model as .obj you will have to share the actual .skp file. The link you provided only allows us to view the model. Download the .skp file to your computer and then upload it here.

Since you are using SketchUp Free (web), I moved your thread to the appropriate category.

See image above, or alternatively use a website like “WeTransfer”

So you added the .stl file, not the .skp file. Download the .skp file and share that.

Sorry, hope it is all right now

That’s such a tiny file it could have been uploaded to the forum directly but yes, it worked.

estudo (2.7 KB)

thanks a lot, but I don’t know how to upload I didn’t see any button

Screenshot - 11_3_2023 , 9_33_32 AM

That is the Upload button. Yopu could also drag and drop the file into your post.


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