Sketchup Free Crash Can't Access saved design

I am using Sketchup Free for a home design (not commercial use). I have been working on something for 3 days. Today I imported what I assume was a large design from the Warehouse (a tennis court) and the whole system froze. I got a pop up saying that Sketchup Crashed which I had to fill in. Since then it said ‘saving’ in the top of the screen and now it has gone black. I saved on trimble every 5 minutes. When I go on to trimble I can see my design there but when I open it it takes me right back to the black screen. I don’t know if I must close the black screen and re-open? I need help retrieving my design so I can carry on working on it. Please help!

Go to your home screen, and right click on the 3 dots in the lower right corner of the file.

When you click on history, you should see a menu on the right hand side of your screen. Try loading an earlier iteration of the design, before you added the 3D Warehouse model, and see if it opens for you.

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