Sketchup forgetting active section cuts

Hi all, sorry if this post is mis-classified but I’m new to the forum…since recently updating Sketchup Pro 2018 to Version 18.0.16976 my file keeps forgetting to what the active section cut is in each scene. The weird thing is that section cuts are still shown as on in each scene but no section cut is active. I have to manual reselect the section cut and make it active again, update the scene, etc. It sucks please help!

You might be switching to a scene with a style that doesn’t display section cuts.

Btw, when you say the section cuts are forgotten between scenes, do you mean the active section cuts change from what they were just before, or what they were when the scene was last updated? In any case, you may want to look at the value of the Active Section Cuts checkbox in the Scenes inspector.

Have you remembered to update the scene after you make a section cut active? If not, it will indeed “forget” when you next return.

hmm, yes I have updated the scene and the section cut box is checked in the styles tab…I wonder if it’s related to another 2 issues I’ve noticed since updating:
1)I have unchecked the box in model info to enable scene transitions. Often when I re-open the file after quitting sketchup the box reverts to being checked
2)Sketchup does not remember short cuts that are added
These issues have only emerged in the last few weeks…I should also mention that most of my project files live in a google drive folder in the cloud…

I don’t see why that should make any difference to things that are not specific to the drawing file. But it does seem to be true that people who store in the cloud have more issues in general than the rest of us.

Are you able to upload an offending file so that we can see whether the problem is reproducible?

1 and 2 are both stored in >>

~/Library/Application\ Support/SketchUp\ 2018/SketchUp/SharedPreferences.json

if you highlight the above line and then

>> Right Click >> Services >> Reveal in Finder >> Click on the .json >> SpaceBar

you can read the file directly…

if it’s there, it may be corrupt and renaming will generate a new one on an SU restart…

if it’s not there, your install is wrong…


Re: Active Section Cuts for Imported *.skp models

I use imported *.skp models of buildings in my site models.
I desire to have some section cuts of my building in my building model.

I have noted that the building model Section Cuts are accessible when in the site model.

When I set up my scenes in the site model and make a particular building model section cut “Active” in the site model scene, this attribute is later “forgotten” with Active Cut being disabled upon reloading (updating) the building model.

Is there a way for Active Section Cuts of a “child” model to be remembered in the “parent” model after the “child” model is reloaded?

If not, I will make a feature request. Thank you.

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I don’t know how SketchUp identifies section cuts but if it was done by storing an instance path to them I think this could be made to work.