Sketchup for Web not loading most recent version of file

I am using Sketchup for Web, and saving my projects in the Sketchup folder in Trimble Connect. There are two different computers that I am often using to work on the same projects. Until recently, this worked fine. I could work on a project on one computer, save it, and later open it up on a different computer.

However, recently this has stopped working. Now, whenever I open up a project from Trimble Connect, it always opens up the version of that project that was last saved on that particular device. So, if the last time I worked on that project was from a different device, it will open up an old version of the project, instead of the up-to-date version.

This happens regardless of whether or not I open the project from “Recent Projects”, or navigate to “Trimble Connect” and open it from there.

I can open the most recent version if I click on the three dots, select “History”, and then select the most recent version of the file. However, it opens it up as an untitled project, which I then have to use “Save As” to overwrite the original file.

I have tried this with several different projects, and it always exhibits the same behaviour.

Any thoughts on how to correct this? Or is this just a bug that was introduced to SketchUp for Web with some recent update?

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I can see it, too. The web-saved versions also don’t load in the 3D Viewer of Trimble Connect.

I did more testing and I was able to reproduce it - We will investigate and release a fix but in the meantime here is a work-around:

  • Before you open the project from “Recent Files”, click on “Trimble Connect” and then click back on “HOME” and open the project. The model should be up-to-date.

I did a bit more testing, and the same issue happens if you switch between browsers on the same computer.

Thanks for the work-around, that is more reasonable than overwriting the file each time I change computers.

I had to change the workflow slightly to make it work, I’ll put it here in case anyone else is having the same issue:

  • Instead of selecting “Open” in the dropdown menu, select “Home”
  • Don’t select the file under “Recent Files”, instead select “Trimble Connect”
  • Select the file in that window.

After more testing, neither work-around works consistently. The only solution that I have found that consistently works is to load the most recent version from the file history, and then overwrite the original file. The workflow for this is as follows:

  • Select the three dots under the project name
  • Select “History”
  • Choose the most recent version of the file from the revision history and select “Show in editor”
  • An untitled project will open, which is the most recent version of the project
  • Select “Save”, and choose the same name as the original project
  • The untitled version of the project will overwrite the original project
  • You will now have the most up-to-date version of the project.

@stu.crawford The issue is resolved as of today, please let us know if you are still having issues.

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