SketchUp for Web Dynamic Component options - can't find

I have a subscription to SketchUp Pro and I’m trying to use SketchUp for Web on a temporary computer. I have dynamic components (windows) in my model but I can’t find a way to access the dynamic component options. Is this not possible with the Web version?

Thanks in advance.

At this point it’s not. The Dynamic Component thing is based on an extension and currently the web-based versions don’t have any implementation for them.

If you go to your AMP (Account Management Portal) you can ‘deauthorize’ all machines which currently are ‘tied’ to your Trimble ID, making it possible to install the desktop version and authorise your temporary computer.

What if I can no longer access a computer or device where I had installed an application and signed in?

The “Deauthorize All Devices” feature in the account management portal can be used to sign out of such computers or devices, subject to certain limits and conditions. Abuse of this feature is a breach of your end user agreement(s).