SketchUp for web crashes on loading file list

I have been using SketchUp for web on Chrome on Windows 10 and it’s been going pretty smoothly until I imported a file from SketchUp Pro for Mac (from a colleague). It seemed to struggle to open the file, and I eventually closed the browser. Now I can’t even get to my file list.
So, I can log in. I can even start modelling from scratch on a blank canvas - all good.
But when I click the folder to open a previously saved project the page goes unresponsive and eventually crashes with an “aw snap!”.
I would just delete the offending file to see if that was what is causing the problem, but I can’t even open the file list to delete one of my saved files.
I closed the browser, shut down the computer and then restarted the browser - no luck.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated as I can’t get my models back!

I’m following up to say this all worked out after I deleted cookies and browser history. Files were all accessible again.


Sorry for not replying sooner; that would have been my exact advice. Sorry to hear you ran into this problem!

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