Bugs - Sketchup for web - Safari and Chrome iPad

Hey, Happy to see sketchup for web recently out!!! I’m having the following issues on iPad Pro:

  1. On Safari - I can’t seen to save files, if I click either the name, folder or save none of the dialogs appear that would allow me to continue saving.
  2. on Chrome, the dialogs appear but for some reason the webpage keeps crashing (aw snap, page loading error)

Any thoughts on either of these??

I tried in Safari and seems to work. Which iOS are you on?

Chrome was working for a while, but I did get the Aw, Snap error after a little while.

I think that the web version still isn’t supported for iPad, but it does work well in Safari.

Hey @carlton.g.beckford: are you still having issues on Chrome? I’ll double-check this myself this afternoon.

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