Sketchup for schools creating duplicate files when click SAVE

I teach CAD at local High School. We been using SU4S about 4 years. Each student has a G suite for education and a chromebook. This year when we save our files, SU4S is creating a duplicate file every time I click “save”. It’s not a backup file. It has the same extension (skp). Yesterday, I worked about 2 hours, and saw I had 10 files, all with same name and same .skp extension. I tried turning off auto-save. It still creates another file every time I click “save”. Only difference was what time file was created. Any ideas? thanks. m

@mreibson Thank you for reporting this bug, it’s been escalated to our team and we will be back with an update for you as soon as possible.

@mreibson did this issue only started to happen yesterday?

thanks for your reply. It’s been happening since we came back to school, Sept 1 2021. It creates a new file, with same exact name, every time we manually save the file. I thought the auto-save function was the problem so I turned it off. Every time we click the save button, it creates another file. thank you, mike

Sketchup for Schools stopped creating duplicate files around mid Oct 2021. Not sure why but relieved. Thanks to all who helped.