Problem with saving my file. Makes duplicate files against my wishes

I have a new annoying problem with SketchUp Pro 2016. I’m working on my open file, and when I do a save, it saves a duplicate file, and adds a “~” to the end of the filename. Every time I save, I get another file, and it adds an additional “~” to the end of the new file’s filename. What gives??

ADDENDUM: I was able to get it to stop doing this by unchecking the “Create Backup” checkbox (Sketchup Preferences–>General), but I suspect this is not so good a solution, since there’s a loss of the backup feature now.

(Sketchup Pro 2016, Mac OS El Capitan)


Yes. the file name with the ~ is the backup file. If having the backup file as protection against the original becoming corrupted is annoying, you can turn off the Create Backup option as you have. It’s up to you. The backup files can save you a whole lot of work, though.

That sounds like you are opening the backup file instead of the primary file.

On Windows a SketchUp backup file has the extension .skb and is therefore recognized by Windows as a different type from the regular .skp files. But on OS X SketchUp follows the UNIX convention of naming a backup file by appending a ‘~’ to the end of the filename (before the .skp). So the backup for ‘myfile.skp’ is named ‘myfile~.skp’. If you open ‘myfile~.skp’, its backup file will be named ‘myfile~~.skp’ and so on. So the solution is simply to open the original ‘myfile.skp’, or if it has become damaged, delete it and rename the backup by removing the ‘~’.

Ok, I see what’s happening now. As slbaumgartner stated, I’m opening the backup file instead of the original file. Thank you both-