Sketchup for my own tiny home designs

Alex, I have followed you on tiny house websites and even tried one of your tutorials for Sketchup 8. I am interested in update only for the FREE version Sketchup Make and not pro. The website does not give me info without the trial version on pro. I already uninstalled both versions and am trying again to get the Sketchup Make without pro. How can I do this?
I am a bare beginner and want to use more of the Sketchup for my own tiny home designs since I am so limited using power point. Thank you, Joyce.

If you identify your intent as for personal use, your download will get the free Make version. However, all installations start off with a 30 trial period of Pro. At the end of the trial it will downgrade to Make.

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When you download SketchUp Make, it comes with a Pro trial that will expire after 30 days and then automatically revert back to SketchUp Make. There is no way to prematurely opt out of the trial at this moment. So just enjoy the Pro features for now until they expire :slight_smile:

Check out some tutorials here:

Have you checked out James and Macy’s website? They have amazing content you can buy and download to get a good head start: as well as resources.

Also, do some searches on 3D warehouse so you do not have to start from scratch. Click here to view a search I have already started for you.