Sketchup for High School Dropouts on XP?


I was given a few old computers that are in good running condition using Windows XP.

I am trying to help several high school dropout kids and was wondering if I could
get Sketchup running on the desktops without being on the internet.

I understand I would need to be using either Sketchup 2013 or version 8. Which
would be best and can I install from a downloaded file copied onto a DVD ?

Which would be best … 8 or 2013 ? Is that version downloadable
from the Sketchup site ?

If you have further suggestions please feel free to send directly to my email address

Scott in Atlanta, GA


2013 is: see then update 3dwarehouse by reading this See and using Option 2. 2013 has more stuff, has Extension Warehouse, etc…


OK, a user pointed out to me that I was a bit off by missing “without being on the internet”.

The other issue is XP. says “SketchUp 2013
With the release of SketchUp 2013 we reduced the level of support we can offer for Windows XP and removed support for OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and earlier.”

In my mind, it was 2014, but I guess I’m wrong? NO!!! double check - we “reduced”, not removed, XP support, which wasn’t totally dropped until 2015.



It is recommended to update Microsoft Internet Explorer to the latest version that XP can install. I know it cannot install v11, [so it is either 9 or 10.] EDIT: Nope I got it wrong. (Been awhile since I turned on my XP machine.) This table at Wikipedia shows XP can run MSIE v8 at the most.

SketchUp Extensions (plugins) use Internet Explorer’s web browser control to display plugin dialogs to the user. (These usually display local files belonging to the plugin. They are for controls, editboxes, radio buttons, etc.)


Dan- So just to clarify… I wish to install and run Sketchup on Win XPsystems that are NOT connected to the internet. I can still install an olderversion of Internet Explorer… I dont see a problem there. But I amstill confused as to the very best version of Sketchup to use. Version 8or 2013MAKE or perhaps 2014MAKE ?


OK this table shows that XP can install up to MSIE v8.

SketchUp 2015 requires MSIE v9+.
This is because the 3D Warehouse now has WebGL viewers for the models, and they want the build-in Components Browser to be able to render these WebGL views, and do other nifty things that rely upon the newer versions of MSIE.
But none of that matters to your install. Your kids will just need to be satisfied with the components samplers provided with the install.

So, without doubt, it is best to install SketchUp 2014 Make, which has many bug fixes over v2013, and also has Ruby v2.0 which has unicode string support, and the whole Ruby Standard Library to better support plugins.

The “reduction of support” for XP has to do with it being stuck with MSIE v8, with regard to the web functions. But your kids won’t be using the built-in web functions anyway. (These web functions can always be worked around by using Chrome to manually download models from 3D Warehouse, or manually download plugins from Extension Warehouse and install them manually via a button in the Preferences dialog. Say if the kids can get to a Public Library with WiFi, or a friends house where they can plug into a router, or whatever.)

(When SketchUp 2016 comes out, I will not be supporting plugins on any old SketchUp version that has Ruby 1.8.x. Just too much of a pain in the butt, too many issues to workaround, etc. I also expect many other plugin developers to follow suit.)