Installing SketchUp Viewer with Windows XP

I have just bought a couple of Panasonic Toughbooks for use in our timber framing yard and out on site. They both have Windows XP installed. I am having difficulty getting them to accept the sketchup viewer. Do I need to download an old version that will work on XP? If so where will I find it?
Thanks in anticipation of a stream of knowledgeable and helpful answers!!

Yes, the latest supported version would be v2014.

A staff member will have to Private Message you the download link. English edition ?

You may need to know that the Desktop Viewer has no SelectTool, nor EntityInfo inspector panel, so you cannot query any information about objects.

It also does not have the TapeMeasureTool, so you cannot take the measure of objects.

However, you can see Dimension objects if they are already in the model.

You might look into some 3rd party viewers.


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Lots of new installers have dropped support for Win XP.

I suggest you install it on a modern version of Windows and copy the files to WinXP; there can’t be that many.


I had actually run the Viewer off a thumbdrive in the past. (71 files, 2 folders, 20.2 MB)

It does still write settings into the Windows registry.