Why did SketchUp 2016 end support for Windows XP and Vista?



This is talking about why Sketchup 2016 ended Windows XP and Vista support.


This support was ended with the realease of SketchUp 2015 (not 2016.)


Because XP can only install MS Internet Explorer version 8 and not higher. SketchUp 2015 and higher requires MSIE version 9 or higher. (SketchUp uses the Internet Explorer engine for webdialogs both native, and for plugins.)

Also, newer features need version of MS dotNET libraries that cannot run under XP or Vista.

Generally, Trimble only supports the last 3 operating systems on each platform.


Let’s not forget MS also dropped support for XP and Vista. Time marches on, things change. SU14 runs on XP.


That’s the key here - the OSs aren’t supported by Microsoft any more. They reached end of life. And given how old they are, and not receiving further maintenance or improvement they would hinder further application development. Consider that XP is 14 years old by now, getting close to 15 - that’s a very old age for an OS system.


Windows lifecycle fact sheet

btw, Vista still has extended support until 04/11/2017… but is a lame Windows version anyhow.

still using XP and wanna keep? -> google for “POSReady


You can keep XP if you want, just like you can keep SketchUp 8 if you want. There’s no one demanding you wipe it from your hard drive. But from our standpoint, it’d be silly for us to develop new features on an OS that Microsoft doesn’t even support.