Sketchup 2015 doesn't work on Windows XP SP3 despite saying it does!

Sketchup 2015 doesn’t work on Windows XP despite saying it does.

It doesn’t want to install on windows XP SP3 32 bit and asks for windows 7.

How to make it work ?

Where did you find it saying that?
XP support was actually dropped - as per this article:

+1. If you need to run on XP, download SketchUp 2014.

No XP support = I will find and buy another program that actually works with XP.

You can’t force users to buy another OS since there is nothing in the program that would require Windows 7.

The less compatible your program is the less market share you will have.

XP = 18.26%
Vista = 2.9%

‘They’ aren’t forcing you to buy anything. SU2014 works on XP. Software moves on and developes. There has to be a point where you move forward. But that doesn’t stop you using the slightly earlier version. After a ll there are many people out there still using the Google version.
I might be wrong but haven’t micr0$oft dropped support for XP, or are trying to.

Yup - XP has reached end of life and is not supported by Microsoft any more. Users are recommended up update their system in order to stay protected from new computer threats.

I’m furious that Trimble don’t make a version of SU for DOS 6.22. Probably can’t fit it in 640k. Rank amateurs.


They simply lost another customer indeed.

Are you kidding me ? Windows 7 & 8 are completely unprotected unless you use sophisticated firewall & antivirus.

Microsoft marketing propaganda at its best.
Windows XP is very well protected.

Enough with the irony. You don’t drop support for 20% of the market share unless you get scared by Microsoft into doing so.

At least Google was smart and supported XP.
Sad day when they sold Sketch Up to someone who throws 20% of its user base to the trash can.

And where you pull this figure from?

Google supports XP? In what universe? Google supports current browser minus one, which means IE 11 and IE 10. XP only runs IE 8, and they dropped support for that in November, 2012.


• Windows 7 Security Fixes: until 14.01.2020
• Windows 7 Pro OEM: ~100 U$/lic.

That XP only supports IE8 can cause issues with SU if you want to access Add Location, 3D Warehouse and Extension WArehouse through the program. Programs use the default OS browser. IE8 is not as robust and feature laden as the latest versions of IE.

Think about upgrading to Win7 - that OS will let you run your old legacy programs, unlike Win8. You will get at least 5 more years.

Who said Win8.1 doesn’t get along with vintage applications?
IIRC my licensed copy of Lotus 123 and Word Pro came bundled with my first Win95 computer.

What do you use those for–communicating with the dead?


16-bit legacy programs. Nice article if looking to choose Win OS (need to click on a security question). I didn’t want to play the beta testing game with Win 10, though I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and one of the programs I use will not run on Win8. I got all the parts for a new computer with Win7 - just need to find time on a weekend.

Over the years I wrote a few of what I call “calculators” in Lotus 123.
I’ve never had any luck converting 123 files to Excel. So, Lotus 123 still has a place on my system.

Some do conversions like the one above.
Others do trig problems that occurred over and over in my work.
This one was for building molds for precast architectural concrete.
It calculates the miter (on the saw) of pyramid hips.
Easy to do with SketchUp, except at the time SU didn’t exist.

What figure ?
This one with 20% XP users ?

Google supported SkechUp for XP fully.

This new company doesn’t care about its customers at all.