Sketchup 2015 doesn't work on Windows XP SP3 despite saying it does!

I know you work for Microsoft so stop selling me that picture ■■■■ made by Microsoft themselves, making rich Microsoft corporation even richer with scaremongering propaganda like that.

Make SkechUp work with other browsers like Firefox that work perfectly fine on XP as the default one.

I don’t want to be forced to upgrade the OS, i prefer instead to give up SketchUp and go to more functional and better supported programs.


I think they should make SchetchUp work only on Windows 10.
Windows 8.1 is outdated as Windows 7.

That way they make sure the market share is really tiny.

Are you kidding me ?


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I do. Windows 7 Enterprise.


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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

That however does not represent the user base of SketchUp - where the XP share is very slim.

To be clear, the decision for supporting each operating system has always fallen squarely on the SketchUp team, regardless of Trimble or Google ownership. When we did support Windows XP it was still an actively supported operating system by Microsoft with the intent that they would patch security fixes. Microsoft no longer supports XP, meaning there are no new updates for security and no updates for Internet Explorer which we need for newer versions of SketchUp.

If you’re no longer able to use SketchUp and wish to use an older, unsupported operating system we respect that, you’re definitely free to choose what works best for you. It sounds like you’ve made your choice, thanks for your feedback.

If this thread continues to digress into insults and an inability to be civil then I’ll lock it up altogether. In short, play nice kids.


Hello kids, (according to a member stuff you are all kids here)

If i were the owner of Sketchup i wouldn’t care what Microsoft ( a rival company ) does. More specifically i would only care about my customers and their needs. If they have Windowx XP / 7 / 8 / 10 / Linux or other OS i would do my best ( since it doesn’t cost me anything ) to keep my program available on all platforms because getting rig of 20% customers that use Windowx XP just because Microsoft is scaremongering people that they will no longer update their old OS in order to force users to upgrade is nonsense and bad logic.

Moreover Windows XP has no faults at this moment. Security fixes ? Security fixes have nothing to do with supporting or not your customer base, because for security i use a competent firewall and antivirus.

With this anti logic structure you show … you could have stopped supporting windows 7 for not having the latest ccleaner on it ! Bad logic my friend, bad logic indeed !

Nobody cares about Microsoft Windows XP scaremongering and weak security fixes. I could hack Windows 7/8 more easily than XP.

Right now windows 7 and 8 are vulnerable to many kinds of exploits and even more dangerous than Windows XP that has 20% market share and where hackers no longer try to actively hack Windows XP.

Why can’t SketchUp use the default browser like Firefox / Opera / Chrome ?

I hope you consider in the future to give SketchUp 2016 support for Windows XP since Windows 10 will be just a upgraded Windows 8 that nobody likes.

Thank you.

All technology moves forward, regardless if not everyone is ready for it. It’s unreasonable to ask the companies to continue to support much older versions, (I can’t get new plugins for my SU 7).
Arguing that 20% of the population still use windows xp is not valid as not all of them use SU, let’s aim high and say 3-5%, among those, how many want/need SU 2015? probably close to nil.
Arguing that companies should support old systems is illogical since they want to move forward with new features and not waste time/money on older versions that’s dying out. And this argument can go with pretty much anything, try ordering parts for old cars, old phone cases, computer parts (i may want to use my floppy disk, battle tank was an awesome game) anything with a high turn over rate. Every year there’s something new and everything eventually ends, majority voted xp as gone, so it comes down to personal user’s choice to stay with it.
Sure you can use it, but you can’t ask anyone else to stay with you.