Teacher with old computers - sketchup 8 files

I’m teaching middle school with 10 year old computers - Windows 7 - and they work fine with Sketchup 8, but will not run the web based school or free version.

system: dell optiplex 780 Win7 Pro sp1 Intel Core 2duo e7500@2.93ghz 4gb RAM Intel 4 series graphics chipset - tried using chrome and firefox with WEBGL enabled.

(1) Are the 3D warehouse files for sketchup 8 available anywhere?

(2) If not I’d like to build a small library of drawings for kids to add to their own projects - particularly dwellings, architectural items like trees & bushes and vehicles. If anyone has old files that you’d share with me or know how to access SK8 warehouse files please shoot me a line.



Hi Elzie. I edited your post and removed your personal information due to forum guidelines. Thanks!

Do you have access to a computer that will run a newer version of SketchUp? The solution would be to download the 3DWarehouse files you want to use and save them back to version 8 (any recent version od SketchUp can save back to any previous version).


I’ll try that… if it will do that I’ll be good to go! yes I have other machines that will run the school version.


Not sure if that will do what you want. You need to run a local copy of Make or Pro,

IIRC, SU for Schools only saves in v2017.

I’d really like to find some old files and build a little library. I’m sure there are people out there with sketchup 8 files - I’m looking for cars, homes, architectural details like trees, bushes, etc.

If you install a newer desktop version of SketchUp you can save any file down to an earlier version.

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