Sketchup "followme" extrude tool

there is distortion in the item after activating the follow me tool. The item usually runs along the outline of the model, instead it is randomly landing on different areas of the model after activated. The file size 40 MB to upload.

Upload the file to Drop Box and share the link. There’s clearly something messed up in your process.

Good morning, thanks !

I have used the drop box before, will upload as soon as I can. As mentioned, the upload error said 16 MB is the maximum. I’ll upload the model soon, thanks !

That’s why I directed you to use DropBox.

Is this something like what you are hoping for?

You have the profile set up in the wrong orientation to use with Follow Me for the permiter of the shape. You need to set it perpendicular to the first segment of the path. Below is a view looking down from above. The blue line is the profile selected.

I also welded the perimeter edges to make selecting them prior to running Follow Me easier.

If you also want the profile to follow the inner edges, you’ll need to properly place a copy of it. Keep in mind are problem spots in the path that will result in bad geometry in the extrusion. You’d have to figure out how to deal with them. Best would be to fix the path to eliminate those spots.

On a secondary note, you should make sure tags are being used properly and purge unused stuff once in awhile.

Screenshot - 10_8_2022 , 12_40_51 PM

Screenshot - 10_8_2022 , 12_41_08 PM

99% file size reduction in this case.

trial process (2).skp (456.0 KB)

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Yes, thats perfect ! Thanks
I’ve used this extension numerous times with no problem in the past. What is preventing it in this instance or where did I apply this incorrectly ?

Yes I see from your instructions, its clear now !1 thanks

You placed the profile incorrectly for one thing. Second you’ve got pretty messed up paths.

As I wrote, the profile needs to be set perpendicular to the first segment of the path. If it isn’t, SketchUp projects the profile so the projection is perpendicular; it does not rotate the profile.

Here’s a simple example of that. I made a 6 in. wide rectangle but not perpendicular to the first segment of the path. Note the dimension change afeter running Follow Me.

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Sorry, the only area I’m confused is where is the term “Profile” in the model. Is the “Profile” the object being extruded ? Or the “lake model” ?

I have used “work arounds” for other problems encountered in the past. I did find that my outlines were messed up. I was also looking at redrawing the lake image from scratch with “Bezier extension” which I have as well.

The profile is the shape being extruded. The path is the edges you want the profile to follow.

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Great, thanks. I thought the object was supposed to be the profile. I know using the “axis” tool or the “rotating” tool will help now for correcting the perpendicular direction. The Follow me tool is helpful for saving time and efficient.

Thanks again and have wonderful day !