Sketchup exports into NCD files for CAD-CAM possible? How

I teach high school shop class and have a Techno-Isel CNC router table and wood lathe. The mastercam software we have a few sets of for runing the machines is quite complex for the kids and too expensive to afford a class set of. SketchUp has been a big success with the students but now I would like to export the 3D designs (mostly reliefs of coastal first nations art) over to the CNC machines to carve out. The CNC machines need NCD files and I am wondering how I would go about converting or exporting them? Thanks - Norman

Is there a typo in your post. I searched for NCD file and does not seem correct. There are plugins for Sketchup to convert SKP files to dxf or stl. DO you have the pro version of Sketchup? If you select the extension ware house you will find the plugins there. How you install depends some what on the version of SU you are using so you should post that info.

Further search shows this is Techno-Isel Davinci ED model? And spec seems to indicate it will accept dxf, HPGL,G CODE?
Probably talk with Techno INC ed division should be done.

No, there was not a typo just my inexperience at play. Mastercam seems to be using nc or ncd files but I could be wrong. It sounds like this is doable and will get hold of the TECHNO ED division for more help. I do not have the Pro version of Sketch Up which is upgrade money I will probably have to coerce out of my school Principal. Will one copy suffice to render my student’s SU drawings into the right format for export to my CNC machines? thanks again for your help

You might find relief for funding issues here: SketchUp Educational Licenses